Tuning Mercedes Sprinter 2006-2018.

Mercedes Sprinter 906 covers for mirrors in the range
Article: car0102

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3.63/5 Votes: 16
26 USD
Facing a handle Carmos (stainless) Mercedes Sprinter 906
Article: car0299
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21 USD
Covers for handles (mylnichki)...
Covers for handles (mylnichki) on Mercedes Sprinter 314 are made of steel, polished and are of high quality. Mounted on the adhesive tape in the recesses under the handle, protecting the paintwork from damage. Do not fade over the years.

Mercedes Sprinter 906 Panel in stainless steel tank
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11 USD
Mercedes Sprinter 906 Moldings on the door
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Mercedes Sprinter 906 scuff plates
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Mercedes Sprinter 906 scuff plates LED
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The set of 3 pads with LED ill...
The set of 3 pads with LED illumination

Chrome packages, body kit and accessories for tuning Mercedes Sprinter 2006+ (Mercedes Sprinter 906) that you can buy in our online store DDaudio manufactured by the leading world manufacturers of accessories for tuning. Turning to us, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the range of products, quality and delivery time. In addition, no one in Ukraine and Russia will not be able to offer you lower prices on below position.

Competitive advantages of the accessories for tuning Mercedes Sprinter with his hands

We guarantee:

  • the whole body kit for Mercedes Sprinter W906 made only from high-grade steel 314, which does not rust and does not lose its luster when in contact with aggressive environments or when operating in severe climatic conditions;
  • for all overlays, moldings, electrical connectors, body kits, roof rails and chrome packages we have international and European certificates of quality, confirming the safety of use and ensure product durability;
  • only our whole assortment are the lowest prices and if you find somewhere cheaper we will refund you 110% of the difference;
  • product for tuning Sprinter always available in our warehouse, so it will be sent to you in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus on the day of the order;
  • finally, all the products we provide 5-year warranty against loss of gloss and premature yellowing. So, study the photo, choose the product and make purchases in our store is always beneficial, convenient and reliable.

Brief about Mercedes Sprinter 2006+ (311, 312, 313, 315, 316)

The history of the Sprinter started in 1995. It is a truck light-duty truck, which was aimed at multidisciplinary use ranging from comfortable movement of passengers to the cargo transportation in different areas of production. It compares favorably with the cost effectiveness and versatility. To date, modifications of such a popular car there are many (311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316 etc.).

However, despite the different capacity, the filling and throughput, they share one trait - the presence of aggressive shape and sharp lines of the body. At release, Mercedes Sprinter tuning cars only started to gain momentum. But today there are many opportunities, skirts and accessories to give it personality and character.

What is the body kit for the Sprinter, we recommend you to buy?

For example, you can equip the auto power bumper, or as it is called "kenguryatnik". And this is not a luxury but rather a necessity. This spectacular accessory will come to the rescue, in the woods or on the roads, crushing down the branches of trees and bushes and on the road, protecting it from would-be drivers, tried to go to RAM.

Be sure they're very unlucky, even under the most favorable result, they will get ripped body, despite the fact that your car will receive only a few light and shallow scratches. Therefore, we can safely say that tuning Sprinter 906 not only refines, but does a great protective function, both for themselves and for the owner of the car.

An indispensable part of a full tuning, along with protective arcs are foot pegs (wall thresholds, platforms). Despite the common belief that their purpose is only in the comfortable landing and landing of passengers or the driver, they perfectly protect from side impacts side of the body. Besides, attach any model drama, as most of the pegs are made of noble steel in color to be additionally applied insert-tread anti slip.

Shipping accessories for tuning Sprinter W906 in Ukraine

Free of charge any transport companies. We give preference to New mail or Intime. Methods of payment - different. You can get accessories cash on delivery, us to make a prepayment to the Bank card or transfer money to the account.

Delivery to other countries and Europe.

Detailed conditions are described in the section "Payment and delivery" in the header. If you have any questions - please call or ask via the feedback form on the website.

Deciding to purchase a chrome package for tuning Mercedes Sprinter (Mercedes Sprinter) W906 in our online store, you will definitely be satisfied with the service, quality, prices and efficiency.

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