Tuning Mercedes S-class W140

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Mercedes S-class W140 Rear emblem
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We offer to buy tuning for Mercedes 140 (Mercedes S-klass W140). Free delivery across Ukraine, well-organized delivery to all CIS countries and Europe. Wholesale and retail, direct deliveries without intermediary margins, own warehouses in different countries. You can buy from us at the best prices covers for Mercedes 140 handles, covers for mirrors, soap boxes and other body kit from well-known manufacturers.

Mercedes-Benz W140: imperturbable "elephant"

What “names” have not been invented for this impressive, aristocratic “German”! "Gelding", "wild boar", "elephant", "hundredsoroket" - it`s all about him - Mercedes W140 (Mercedes 140). In the dashing nineties, not a cottage, not a super-thick gold chain, but this brainchild of the "Bundesian" car industry was an indicator of your success, wealth and "coolness".

Why should we be surprised that even now, after more than ten years, the sleek W140 meets so many admiring glances on the streets? But it would seem that it is time to consider it morally obsolete by all standards. ... ... Yes, but not in the case of the "one hundred and fortieth" - if it is outdated, so perhaps on the basis of ergonomics. Of course, there is no navigation system, touch screens (what year of "birth", gentlemen?!), Small size of the mirrors (you can visually increase it by buying Mercedes 140 mirror covers from us), adjustments are also a minimum. ... ... But is this the main thing?

At one glance at this car, an association with a granite pedestal pops up in the brain - indestructible, not amenable to wear or time. You begin to understand what exactly attracted and dizzy the car owners of the "nineties".

After all, the quality standards then were completely different: if they were making cars, they made them conscientiously, and the wood was just wood, and the leather was leather, it just became clear that this car is absolutely reliable, it will not let you down. And nothing that somewhere creaks, that abrasions appeared on the leather upholstery, that there are no sensory bells and whistles. On the roads this "eternally young German" will run briskly for another thirty years. Well, we will help you to maintain its appearance with our auto accessories.

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