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the Company L. Locker – Russian production and commercial company specializing in the manufacture of a wide range of accessories for domestic and foreign vehicles.

Digital Designs – a spokesman for the company L. Locker

Official representative of the L. Locker in Ukraine is the company Digital Designs.

  1. Locker takes part in Russian and international automobile exhibitions, adopts the experience of foreign colleagues and is doing everything to improve its products. The company's products are exported to all CIS countries.

the company monitors the observance of technological norms at every stage of production. A clear proof of the high quality of services is the presence of the international certificate of quality ISO 9001:2008.

floor Mats for cars

Automotive floor mats protect car floors from dirt, moisture, corrosion. On the market there are many companies specializing in the production of car mats for interior or Luggage compartment of a car. A well-chosen rug will not cause discomfort to the driver during vehicle operation.  Remember, the sliding pad may provoke incorrect behavior of the driver.

floor Mats for cars manufacturing company L. Locker provide effective protection from contamination due to the individual cut, repeating the configuration of the floor of the car. The Mat prevents slipping of the legs, on the outside, has a special attachment, thereby tightly interlock the pad with the floor machine. Also on the mats provided by the sides of 3-4 cm, which are an additional guarantee of the purity of the car.

the Mat is made exclusively from first-class material, designed for use in any time of the year, which does not create odors.  

Purchasing the floor mats of the car You will surely get a quality product, tested by time and harsh climate.

Our advantages:

  • High quality of services, confirmed by the international certificate;
  • the
  • a Wide range of products;
  • the
  • a Detailed description of the goods;
  • the
  • prompt delivery.
  • the
  • Reasonable prices.

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