Tuning Land Rover Discovery III

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Chrome door handle kit for Land Rover Discovery III
Article: 6004041
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Chrome kit for handles - a...
Chrome kit for handles - a lining on the doors that our auto parts store offers the best prices in the Ukraine. The price is for a set of products. Material - polished stainless steel. Manufacturer - Turkey.
Land Rover Discovery III door sills (4 PCs)
Article: 97UN091SP

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price 42 USD
The front size 45cm 5 cm re...
The front size 45cm 5 cm rear cm 23 5 cm

English Rover – car, which at all times was valued and considered one of the most respectable and prestigious. This is not surprising, because the Rover has existed since the days when the automotive industry in Europe and around the world was in its infancy. Through trial and error she was able to derive a formula for the perfect car and for 80 years, produces a bright, powerful, creative machine, combining recognizable stylish design and high performance.

Land Rover Discovery III - a prestige car for prestigious people

The main emphasis by the manufacturer for the buyers belonging to the upper middle class. That is why the attention of constructors and designers Rover paid not only to the handling characteristics, ease of operation, reliability and safety, but increased comfort, a luxurious interior, ergonomic seats, the spaciousness and the maximum of useful options. SUV had a separate line, which gained in consequence of its own brand (Land Rover).

Tuning Land Rover Discovery III with delivery in Ukraine, CIS and Europe

In our parts store you can buy different accessories for your iron horse retail at wholesale price:

  • Footrest on a off-road Land Rover Discovery III (lateral platforms, thresholds).
  • Chrome door mirrors, handles land Rover.
  • Window and door moldings.

Buy tuning for discovery can delivery in any area, any city of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe.

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