Xenon lamp Michi D2S

Article: ds2-michi
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price 19 USD
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Features Xenon lamp Michi D2S

Date of shipment: 30.01.2023
Material: Glass
Mounting type: In regular places
Package contents: 1 pc.
Article: ds2-michi
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Reviews Xenon lamp Michi D2S

Comments: 8
Роман 25.01.2023 14.53
Good day
Is this bulb two in one high beam and low beam?
Максим Радомський 25.01.2023 15.04
This is a D2s xenon lamp
If you have a lens with a curtain - then there will be both far and near
Роман 25.01.2023 15.21
I don't know if there is a curtain or not
But the far and near shines from the lens
Максим Радомський 25.01.2023 16.01
Pull out the old lamp, look at the markings
Роман 25.01.2023 16.39
There is no marking
But it says michi on the glass
Максим Радомський 25.01.2023 17.36
Michi is a manufacturer. Take a photo of the lamp
Роман 25.01.2023 21.27
There is no marking here
Максим Радомський 26.01.2023 07.06
You didn't include a photo
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