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the Company “Interplast” is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality protection and accessories for almost all brands of modern cars. The range of businesses is more than 20 items of headings. Deliveries are made not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

Official representative in Ukraine of the Digital Designs the company implements the following types of products manufactured by the firm “Interplast”

  • Polyurethane mats for cabin;
  • the
  • Polyurethane protection against contamination for the trunk of a car;
  • the
  • Textile floor mats;
  • the
  • plastic protection of the wheel arches and engine;
  • the
  • air Deflectors, spoilers, body kits and etc. decorative items.

advantages of the products “Interplast”

in the manufacture of protective mats for salon polyurethane uses a special polymer composition that eliminates slippage even after exposure to water.

a Wide range of colors makes it easy to find the protective Mat according to the material of the upholstery.

Geometrical dimensions of protective coverings correspond exactly to the configuration of the interior space, wherein the sides of the mats have a larger height compared to the originals, which prevents melt water and snow on the floor of the car. This small detail is relevant for climatic conditions in Ukraine.

Protection of arches of wheels and the engine crankcase is made to exact configuration. Attachment by use of standard details (if any) or requires minimal intervention in the body structure and frame.

Skirts Interplast

in the manufacture of deflectors, body kit and decorative elements used impact-resistant polymeric materials are resistant to ultraviolet and thermal radiation. Even after prolonged use in the toughest conditions all items retain their original appearance and configuration.

Official representative of «of Interplast” in Ukraine, Digital Designs the company sells its products consistent with producer prices, while providing factory warranty for all products in accordance with the dealer agreement.

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