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Our company is Digital Designs is the official distributor on the territory of Ukraine for a huge number of manufacturers of automotive accessories. Among the companies we represent, a great option is to G-Plast, accessories which are constantly in high demand among buyers of all incomes.

, G-Plast — the perfect combination of high technologies and individual approach to each client

Established in Turkey the company is one of the acknowledged global leaders in terms of manufacturing high-quality fog automotive headlamps designed for specific car models. This is a truly unique company that has managed to combine unique manufacturing experience and its own individual style, which distinguishes produced accessories from the vast majority of competitors.

Among the main competitive advantages of the company are the following items:

  1. Huge variety of car lights, offered at almost all of the latest models of cars available on the market. In addition the manufacturer you can easily find lights that will fit your car, released quite a long time.
  2. the company's Products are sold not only in Turkey but also in Ukraine, where this process helps our company, which is the official partner of the service. Car lights, offered by us, as the official distributor of products of the service of G-Plast are of high quality and with proper care can last for many years. the

  3. the Warranty period of the lights produced by the company are much higher than the competition. This is due to the high quality products and multi-stage quality control of each manufactured product.

the Company G-Plast, a Ukrainian representative of which is the company Digital Designs, offers a really huge selection of headlights of various models. Low price and excellent quality will help you to make your choice in favor of this company, the assortment of which is presented in our catalogues.



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