Side area RedLine Black (2 pcs., Aluminum) Ford Ranger 2011↗

Features Side area RedLine Black (2 pcs., Aluminum) for Ford Ranger 2011↗

Date of shipment: 12.12.2022
Manufacturer: Erkul
Material: Aluminium
Mounting type: In regular places
Package contents: 2 threshold step, mounting kit
Article: brr245
Article 2: rln2193
Category of product:

Reviews Side area RedLine Black (2 pcs., Aluminum) for Ford Ranger 2011↗

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How to install power kits

All the regular places. Brackets included

threshold name Width Front thickness Back thickness
Maya V1, V2, V3, V4 ten 4.5 2.0
Bosphorus fourteen 5.0 2.0
Duru 13 4.5 3.0
Rainbow 13 4.5 1.5
Redline V1, V2 fourteen 6.0 3.0
Maydos V1, V2 fourteen 6.0 2.0
Allmond fourteen 5.5 4.5
line fourteen 5.5 4.5
Fullmond fourteen 5.5 4.5
Sunrise fourteen 5.5 4.5
Tayga fourteen 5.5 4.5

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