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In 1973 in Australia founded a small company whose name is composed of the initials of the first head and the founder of the company Edward and the first letters of the names of his sons — Greg and rod Harvilla.

History of the founding of the company EGR

the Development of the polymer industry and development of new technologies has enabled the company to significantly expand its production. In early 1983, in the range of accessories manufactured by EGR, have become part of accessories for vehicles manufactured by their acrylic glass. A qualitative approach to the conduct of its activities and the highest quality deflectors, and other accessories allowed the company to quickly become one of the accepted world leaders in this field.

extensive development of the automotive industry began to pay more attention to the safety of drivers and passengers, as well as aerodynamic performance while riding, let the acrylic baffles and other components to firmly occupy the leading position among the competitors. Is acrylic glass, regularly used by the company, was ideal for creating light and durable accessories to better protect the car and enhance its aerodynamic performance.

Now the company is a large multinational service with a large number of offices in Europe and the United States. In addition to the deflectors that is suitable for most cars, the company's products are supplied for installation as established in the leading automotive companies in the world. So in a large enough percentage of the cars already installed parts, produced by the EGR.

Digital Designs — official representation of the EGR on the territory of Ukraine

Firm EGR has now become one of the accepted leaders in the production of automotive air vents. Digital Designs is the official distributor of the Australian company EGR on the territory of Ukraine. Thanks to the work directly with a supplier, we are willing to offer, perhaps, the minimum prices for the entire range of products manufactured by the company.

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