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Many motorists are not by hearsay familiar with the problem of increased noise accompanying the movement of the vehicle. This is especially noticeable on old domestic cars, but modern range and some cars are not deprived of this drawback. This is especially true in the budget segment equipment. As you wear the working parts and deterioration of the fastening elements of the design, the noise level only increases. In this regard, particularly relevant is the question of noise insulation of the machine. About how to achieve it and how to choose the best remedy and will be discussed next.

The sources of noise in the car

Everyone in the riding process sounds and stimuli can be divided in General into two categories is acoustic and structural noise. The first extends through the airspace, the second via a rigid body when vibrations occur. They create the engine, tires, transmission. Air "sound" is particularly audible to the passengers in the cabin. Vibrations arise due to vibrations from the main systems of the car at movement on rough road. Therefore, to deal with every kind use only specific and specially designed materials.

Generally, all sources of high background sound in a vehicle can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Primary are the direct cause of the acoustic waves, these include powertrain, chassis and exhaust system, air flow, covering the car;
  2. Secondary - occur as a result of contact with the road surface and indirectly from the work of moving mechanisms. They constitute a separate body structure (wings, arches, doors, columns), the details of the internal equipment of the interior (upholstery, dashboard, covers and linings), a separate additional devices (traction, fixing, arm).

Depending on the source of the noise use a variety of methods and means of combating this negative phenomenon.

Kits for soundproofing car

To date, the choice of means of protection against noise will not be a big difficulty. Based on the specific needs in providing acoustic safety, the car owner can apply on their own for a certain part of the vehicle and perform local tasks and a comprehensive solution to reduce noise levels and other issues.

For the case of limited use of special protective products possible such basic configurations of insulation materials:

  • additional sealing and insulation for caps, hood and trunk;
  • absorbers of noise, vibration and insulation of the car interior and Luggage Department;
  • noise and vibration protection for the front of the cabin and treatment of noise-absorbing and vibration-damping means of the instrument panel.

Kits combat autosumm can contain the cut for a particular vehicle model or prescreen products and preparations for installation and handling problem areas. In the first case, it makes much easier the work on soundproofing the car, the second leaves more scope for individual application taking into account the characteristic features of each car.

Damping for engine compartment

As you might guess, the main "culprit" of the occurrence of abnormal noise working of the machine is its engine. It generates sound waves of varying strength and frequency as the mechanical and the thermodynamic unit, and creates additional vibration through the mounting and support on the part of the body. Taking into account the significant contribution of the power device in the forming of the sound field of the vehicle, the main condition for ensuring its security is the acoustic insulation in the engine compartment from the passenger compartment and the external environment.

In this direction can help individual solutions for compaction of surfaces and interfaces, located in the working area of the engine, but maximum efficiency is achieved through the encapsulation of space under the hood. This method is the relative sealing of the power unit in the place of his accommodation to prevent the spread of sound vibrations beyond. To do this, around the perimeter of the compartment set smoothradio and absorbing materials, and various damping elements that absorb much of the energy of the acoustic wave.

The best way has shown himself a system, which provides two-level protection of the hood, as an object with a high amplitude, and other design elements. In practice, it is done by vibration-absorbing layer on the inner surface of the part, which helps to reduce vibration due to its elastic deformation. As a material for this purpose a special polymer composition (e.g., Bany-M1) in combination with an aluminum foil. On top of it is fixed on the adhesive sheet sound insulation thickness of 10-15 mm based on polyurethane (Ruby). The latter has the necessary properties to convert the energy of sound and mechanical vibrations into heat.

This combination of tools, noise and vibration protection in combination with encapsulation of the engine space allows to reduce noise by 2-3 dBA. Such a change would be perceptible to the driver and passengers, and will certainly affect their comfort and security. All the necessary tools and materials to ensure protection from noise and vibration can be found in the online store DDaudio in section "Insulation car".

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