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Nissan Sunny N16 2001-2006 Chrome Package (Kit)
Article: 345350
4.5/5 Votes: 10
price 28 USD
The set includes: Covers fo...
The set includes: Covers for headlights, covers for feet, covers for door pillars, covers for handles, covers for mirrors, covers for turn signals
Covers for side mirror auto Mercedes Sprinter W901
Article: car0093
4.18/5 Votes: 17
price 37 USD
Covers for car wing mirror...
Covers for car wing mirror is made of a very durable and high-quality ABS-plastic. On top of car accessories coated with chrome finish, which is not afraid of no ultraviolet light, no burly agents or high pressure washing. Complete - 2 covers only tuning Mercedes Sprinter W901 all model years. Manufacturing - Carmos, Turkey
Audi A4 mirror strip (steel), 2004↗
Article: car0002
4.7/5 Votes: 10
price 41 USD
To give your car Audi (Audi...
To give your car Audi (Audi) A4 original style, you definitely need the chrome moldings on the mirror that we offer to buy at a very attractive price (in available goods and brands Omsa Carmos).

Carmos” is a dynamically developing company, which started its work in 1995 and continues to evolve today. The company is engaged in producing accessories for various brands of cars from many different materials: aluminum, stainless steel and carbon fiber. «Carmos” is the clear leader in this field in the market all over Turkey and exports is happening not only in Europe, but also customers and partners from Asia, South and North America. Customers appreciate the variety of products: you can find everything for your iron. The use of modern methods of manufacture helps to experiment with forms and materials, so the firm regularly updates the catalogues of products.

Carmos – quality is the guarantee of success

the Company “Carmos” differs primarily by the maximum attention to quality of products, adhering to all approved international standards. Partners appreciate cooperation is primarily responsible approach to their work, professionals in headquarters staff, a wide range of products, increasing spheres of influence and rapid growth. Due to constant changes in the automotive accessories market, “Carmos” never stands still in its development, and continuously introducing new designs and bold decisions. This distinguishes the company from competitors in the market.

New equipment – high quality

Merit “Carmos” also is that it provides jobs for 250 employees, and also brings the invaluable contribution to the Turkish economy and the development of automobile business in the entire country. Turkish car owners happily use the products of the company «Carmos”, because we are confident in the reliability and durability of the accessories. The company has deservedly started to gain its popularity and in foreign countries: export performance improved, and this means the interest of the foreign dealers. She will be able to compete with companies from around the world. Buyers from around the world find the products “Carmos” something to taste: be it timeless classics or a kind of modernity.

«Carmos” is the choice of the future.

the Company actively looks for new trends in automotive business, developments, trying to provide its customers with the best products. Partners receive reliable cooperation, which mutually improve the quality of manufactured goods, improving export performance, will improve demand and financial component. Company “Carmos” is the choice of those who in automotive accessories appreciates first of all a practicality, durability, style and quality. 

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