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Aomis – an expert in the field Petrovichev

the company “Aomis” has a rich experience in the manufacture of deflectors (Petrovichev). The company carries out the manufacturing of automobile items of kit since 1997. The range of organizations represented deflectors for the side Windows of passenger vehicles, trucks. In addition Petrovichev company “Aomis" produces headlight protection and taillight, headlight glass.

Organization markets deflectors not only in Turkish market but also on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Moldova and other CIS countries. Visor produced by the firm “Aomis ”, you can find Japanese, Chinese and Australian market, in the shops of European countries.

advantages of cooperation with Aomis

the Company produces the vent on any car. In stock company presents a huge range of products for the territory of Ukraine and Europe, there is a visor on the Russian and foreign cars, trucks, passenger vehicles.Of the stated range in the presence of almost every article. If the position is missing, then it becomes available for sale just a couple of days.The organization has its own large warehouse, the area of which exceeds 2500 sq. m. All the buildings equipped with new and popular hi-tech equipment.The firm has its own design office. The technological process of production of popular Petrovichev works like a Swiss watch. Any new vent, the elements of the kit for the unique vehicles produced by established production mechanism. Monthly the range of “Aomis" appears more than four new positions. The deflectors that go in different batches have the same size, shape, color.After production, every product is carefully checked for the presence of marriage. The company is a full service quality control. Manufactured vents inspected at every production stage: from the date of purchase (raw materials) to production of the element body kit, warehousing.

If you need to buy quality windshield for the hood, Windows, lights or mirrors that will help make the car more attractive to save money on its repair, contact the firm “Aomis ”. The company offers its clients only high quality products, without marriage and defects. For all manufactured vent is the necessary certificates of conformity and quality.

Aomis – the correct choice of each motorist.

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