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the Company “ANV" was established over twenty years ago. Since 1997, their products have entered the market of Russia and other CIS countries. Today "ANV" takes a strong position on the world market, as it is in great demand in Europe, China, Japan, Australia and other countries. The company has earned the popularity and excellent reputation due to the excellent quality of their products and their high reliability.

the company's Products "ANV»

the company's Main activity is the production of Petrovichev (air vents) side Windows for different types of vehicles (cars and trucks), as well as the production of protective elements for the headlights. With this "ANV" offers a variety of options at almost any (foreign or domestic) car.

the Main advantage is a very wide range of products. You can not worry about what your rare car is Mitrovica! The model range is constantly expanding, launching at least four new positions in the month. It is also possible the production of exclusive options for a unique car, and the timing of production and delivery to the customer will be minimal! The company also copes easily with large wholesale orders, offering very short production time.

Production company

"ANV" has its own powerful production building, equipped with high-tech equipment. For the continuous development and the development of new models meet several design workshops.

there is Also a huge warehouse for storage of finished products, which occupy an area of about 3000 square meters. Such capacity allows to easily cope with a huge stream of orders from around the world.

High quality and reliability of products

All car window deflectors from the company "ANV" fully certified and comply with special requirements. All products are made of high quality materials (special type of plexiglass and double sided tape), and their technical parameters are strictly regulated by the requirements of GOST.

In manufacturing there is a special service for quality control of manufactured products. It produces a thorough inspection of purchased materials and raw materials, controls the production process, production and its further storage. This gives a 100% guarantee of product quality, the company in every way except for possible defects or marriage.

Try and appreciate new facets of the tuning of the "ANV"!

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