Tuning Great Wall

Great Wall is the largest automaker among the Chinese auto industry. In addition, he is a popular brand among car enthusiasts and the undisputed leader in producing pickups and SUVs in Asia. The name Great Wall comes from the name of the famous Great Wall of China. The company began its production in 1976, producing trucks and pickups.

Tuning the Great Wall is a very interesting activity, since this car is made in a standard design for all and, without a doubt, requires a touch of originality and highlight it in the general stream.

Our online store offers original tuning ideas. You can purchase the following tuning parts from us:

  • side sills;
  • kenguryatniki;
  • front protection;
  • railing trunk.

Power body kits on Great Wall

A very important element for a car is its safety. Side sills on the Great Wall will easily protect the car from pebbles that fly out from under the wheels. In addition, during a collision with another car, only the side threshold will suffer, which you can easily replace with a new one. In the absence of a side threshold in a collision, deformation of the central pillar of the car may occur.

In addition to the side thresholds, the kenguryatniki on the Great Wall also have an important function. They reliably protect the front of the car, and also make the appearance of the car more massive and predatory. You can install the kenguryatniks yourself, for this you do not need welding or drilling.

Roof rack

Very often, Great Wall owners pay special attention to the trunk, which is located on the roof of the car. During a trip to nature or to the country, sometimes not everything fits in a regular trunk. Therefore, roof rails are a great alternative. It can conveniently transport a boat or bicycles, as well as other items for tourism and recreation.

In our online store you will find high quality Great Wall tuning parts in Ukraine. We will help you create a unique design and stand out from the crowd. For a more detailed acquaintance with the assortment of the store, you can view our catalog with photos.

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