the Company “Omsa Line” is one of the leaders in manufacturing automotive accessories for Japanese, American, European and Russian cars. Its products are valued and respected for the quality, presentable appearance and excellent performance.

History of the Turkish company “Omsa Line»

Turkish company “Omsa Line” for more than twenty years, namely, 1995, specializiruetsya in the manufacture of various auto accessories and parts from materials such as stainless steel, wood, composite material, aluminum and leather.

the products of the company «Omsa Line»

the Main activity of the Turkish company “Omsa Line” is a wholesale manufacture of the front protective elements, chrome accessories, arcs, and bodies, arms, crosses bar, special mats, mats, deflectors, Windows, aerodynamic body kits, multimedia devices, rails, sills, carbon fiber and other parts and accessories for Russian, European, Chinese, Japanese and American cars.

Since its opening, the company «Omsa Line” follows one single rule: to produce only quality products, accessories and components for vehicles, which would be appreciated by the buyers — motorists. It is through adherence to the rule of the company «Omsa Line” can increase your credibility in the market, to guarantee the diversity of the product range and gradually occupies a leading position in Turkey and around the world.

you Have to understand that the company “Omsa Line” is a group of companies that are committed to one sole purpose — to interest of consumers and Resellers of its products. Therefore, if you buy products Turkish company, “Omsa Line”, you can be sure of its high quality and high performance characteristics that can not offer you ninety percent of the world's producers of identical products.

Features of the supply of products of the Turkish company “Omsa Line»

plants of the Turkish company “Omsa Line” employs more than 300 employees, thanks to which it manages to export the final products to many countries, including Russian Federation, Japan, United States of America, China, Europe, and the Near and Far Abroad.

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