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For the most efficient and correct use of existing types of protective materials must be clearly guided in their characteristics, features and capabilities. Give them a brief description and scope for correct and reliable insulation.

1. Bitoplast

Is more suitable for installation on a flat horizontal surface, otherwise it requires additional fastening. This is especially true of products with a thickness of 20 mm, for other sections is not so critical. In General, this material is produced by industry in the range of the specified parameter - 5 60 mm. the Underlying cellular polyurethane foam helps to retard up to 80% of the energy of the sound wave, and bitumen impregnation of Bitoplast prevents premature destruction of shumoizolyatory. Thus prolonged life of the material, and sound-proof quality to be better. If it is set between the roof and the decorative trim, the vibration of the ceiling will be reduced almost to a minimum. Bitoplast thickness of 5 mm is ideal for laying interpanel gaps. Its purpose is to neutralize cutting high-frequency hearing creaking plastic interior parts: instrument panel, shims, racks, decorative trunk gaskets, etc. cut into strips with a width of 5 mm to 10 mm, it fills the joints of the adjoining plastic parts. With its sound-proof properties is minimal.


This versatile material is widely used in various fields and to a large spectrum of equipment, engineering, construction, metallurgy, agricultural machinery, automobiles, household appliances. In the sphere of protection of vehicles used in places with limited access (front wall, side wings, wheels, tunnels). Suitable for mounting on any surface after special processing. At the core of his production is the technology of expansion (magnification 5 - 30) penopolietilena, proven excellent insulating properties. In addition, it has a fully insulating qualities and is used as a cushioning agent. Another direction of the engaging material is the installation of car audio systems.

3. Izoton

Available in several designs, which are determined by the type of film front cover. It can be PVC film, perforated structures, metalized polyester, aluminum foil, textile covering. In line with this, there are the following subtypes of products: "IN", "LM", "T", "f". Hence their properties and application in automotive engineering. - Suitable for interior parts, "LM" is involved in the encapsulation of the engine compartment, installed on the hood and trunk lid, "T" - performs a decorative function, the "f" is used for heat and sound absorption in various parts of the car. Polyurethane structure with cells open type contributes to multiple reflections of sound from their walls and loss of their initial energy.

4. Proline

The main task which executes the given material is to absorb some of the noise fields and the seal parts when the installation of units and mechanisms. The range of products is determined by the thickness of the layer of penopoliuretana (30 mm.) and the availability and method of application (around the edge or on separate sites) of adhesive composition. As a sealing means, he has gained popularity also in construction for the seal door and window openings. The role of Proline can perform in automotive technology.

5. Vizomat

It is recommended to set on a relatively flat surface of the floor of the body at the bottom of the Luggage compartment, roof, doors, walls. For parts of complex configuration, modification products of PB-2 and MP. Vizomat has a complex structure, consisting of a layer of the primary polymeric material and the additional elements. On the front layer can accommodate a protective film that protects from negative external influences (for example, it may be aluminum foil, also have the options of making or not), on the other hand, is usually caused mounting a layer of adhesive substance. The material is suitable for fastening to metal, plastic, rubber, painted surfaces. The implementation of sound-proof and viropause task with the help of Visomat is carried out on the car, selskokhozyaistvennoi, municipal vehicles.

6. Vibroplast

Intended for damping mechanical vibrations arising from the operation of the main systems of the car and its interaction with the road surface. As the outer layer acts as a foil of aluminum alloy, the backing layer is treated with a special adhesive coating. Thanks to its elasticity, the material perfectly adapts to the reference plane of the attachment can be used on parts with complex geometry and placement. It is suitable for virtually any elements of design: body, interior, underhood space. Vibroplast is used in various sectors of the economy where there is a need for attenuation of noise and vibration impacts. In addition to vehicles, it will be relevant in ventilation systems for pump and compressor equipment, consumer and computing facilities.

7. Rezulin

Is the sealing and damping means serves to improve the fit of the parts and ensure their mobility in the mates without extraneous sounds. Made of rubber with a porous structure can have one or two bonding surfaces (in the second case the brand complement the characters of DS). The thickness of the sealing elements can be from 4 to 8 mm. Resilin will be indispensable for interior or cab of the vehicle.

8. Decalin

The main purpose of this material is heat insulation and decoration of the interior space of the vehicle or any other vehicles. Its front face is a coating of textiles, leather or coarse cloth. It can be installed on any surface shape and a large range of materials. This explains its wide use in avtosfera and for the treatment of shopping, entertainment, accommodation, agricultural, industrial and processing complex.

9. Winx

Differs a little from Decoline, due to its composition and manufacturing technology. In General, however, performs the same function and has the same broad area of use.

Whatever the materials and their combinations You've used in your car, you need to remember that in dealing with the noise and vibration completely does not work the principle the more the better. Getting started installation of insulation materials, we have to know all the details and arguments, and then you get down to business. Judicious use of the available remedies is to select a necessary minimum, which can achieve significant reduction of the sound effect in the operation of vehicles. Such products are sold on Internet sites leading operator of autotuning of Ukraine - DDaudio.

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