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Article: DDZ18
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Date of shipment: 26.09.2022
Manufacturer: Digital Designs
Country: USA
Article: DDZ18

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Z series - a series consisting of the most powerful and loudest subwoofers in the World. The first subwoofer of this Z was released in 2005, the firm DD, and in later years, he modernized and incorporates the best technology and innovation. The magnetic system consists of a powerful neoplastin. Each item in the subwoofer of the Z series, made only from U.S. components and raw materials. This series is assembled by hand to order and at the request of the client settings. It is on the subwoofers, DD held the world record for 7 years.

Like all American line subwoofers, the company offers modernization DD elements. Carbon difuzori and hoods of different colors, coils with different resistance copper or aluminum, increase horsepower and performance subwoofer (option SC - Super Charge), utiline or relief of the suspension. With this option, you can order the subwoofer that is right for You on all your options.

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