Side pipes (2 PCs, stainless steel) Volkswagen T5 Transporter 2003-2010

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Features Side pipes (2 PCs, stainless steel) for Volkswagen T5 Transporter 2003-2010

Date of shipment: 22.08.2022
Manufacturer: CAN
Country: Turkey
Material: Stainless steel
Mounting type: In regular places
Package contents: Stainless steel kit, mounting kit
Article: dd35456
Category of product: The connectors and footboardSide sills

Reviews Side pipes (2 PCs, stainless steel) for Volkswagen T5 Transporter 2003-2010

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Footrest for VW T5 (Volkswagen Transporter) represent a sample of reliability and quality, ready for high loads and difficult operating conditions on the Russian roads. Such lateral protection will faithfully serve the owner of the car for many years.

The power threshold is made of steel tubing and are mounted on supports provided in the bus by the manufacturer (all necessary mounts are included in the package). In the middle of products made rubberized seizures, which are bolted securely to the pipe and will not slip when seated in the car.

Why do I need to buy running boards for Volkswagen T5?

  • Protect the bottom of the German bus when driving on rugged terrain, sloping exit of the curb, etc.
  • Protect the paintwork of the sidewalls from damage by careless turning, side impact and during a sloppy Parking.
  • The easy entry into the vehicle, which is especially important for those drivers who frequently go on the road with children or the elderly.

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How to install power kits

All the regular places. Brackets included

the name of the thresholdWidthFront thickness Back thickness
Maya V1, V2, V3, V4104.52.0
Redline V1, V2146.03.0
Maydos V1, V2146.02.0

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