The rear door sill (fibreglass) Volkswagen T5 Transporter 2003-2010

Article: por0009
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Features The rear door sill (fibreglass) for Volkswagen T5 Transporter 2003-2010

Date of shipment: 05.12.2022
Manufacturer: DDU
Material: Fiberglass
Mounting type: In regular places
Package contents: 1 Pad
Article: por0009
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Reviews The rear door sill (fibreglass) for Volkswagen T5 Transporter 2003-2010

Comments: 4
Joaquín 03.10.2022 20.59
Is it for a double door, or for a gate?

Thank you
Максим Радомський 04.10.2022 07.13
We had them for double doors and for single doors. Unfortunately, the product is currently unavailable
Joaquín 05.10.2022 17.20
They indicate that it is "out of stock, on order 10-14 days". Is it expected that they will have it back in stock in that period of time?
Максим Радомський 06.10.2022 11.07
We have verified the information. Not available at all
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