The sill plates (2 pieces, stainless steel) Volkswagen Golf 5

Article: 7503094
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Features The sill plates (2 pieces, stainless steel) for Volkswagen Golf 5

Date of shipment: 04.07.2022
Manufacturer: Omsa Line
Country: Turkey
Material: Stainless steel
Mounting type: In regular places
Package contents: 2 накладки, диодная полоска
Article: 7503094
Category of product: Chrome trimDoor sills

Reviews The sill plates (2 pieces, stainless steel) for Volkswagen Golf 5

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Lining stainless steel for thresholds of the brand Pierre Cardin is synonymous with quality for any car owner. After all, modern equipment installed at the Turkish plant allows to produce products for tuning, Volkswagen Golf and not only consistent quality at an affordable price.

Lining stainless steel for thresholds: features

  • Made of Italian polished stainless steel, resistant to all climatic influences, mechanical damage, etc. This accessory is guaranteed not to rust or a year or a few years, as evidenced by a manufacturer's warranty of 60 months.
  • Installation of overlays on thresholds (by clicking on the link, you can read the detailed instruction) is carried out by own forces without attraction of experts. The whole process takes no more than 15 minutes, and the 3M adhesive tape supplied, ensures maximum tightness and durability of the connection.
  • Vacuum polishing is applied in several layers, so there is no fear that it will wear off or fade in use.
  • Anti - slip stamping- will increase the comfort for the driver and passengers when seated in the car in slushy or snowy weather.

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