The edge of the trunk (stainless) Volkswagen Amarok

Article: car2968
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Features The edge of the trunk (stainless) for Volkswagen Amarok

Date of shipment: 04.10.2022
Manufacturer: Carmos
Country: Turkey
Material: Stainless steel
Mounting type: Self-adhesive
Article: car2968
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Reviews The edge of the trunk (stainless) for Volkswagen Amarok

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Subtle, elegant trim on the bottom edge of the trunk, which we offer to buy at the best price in Ukraine, will add gloss and solidity to your pick-up VW (Volkswagen) Amarok. But the main thing - to protect one of the most vulnerable areas from scratches, chips and scuffs. Because sometimes we don't always expect the power when you close the trunk and, as a consequence, causes damage to the edge of the trunk, which subsequently leads to corrosion processes in this place.

Not to engage then it is not a cheap repair, I advise you not to delay, set presents accessory. It is made of durable steel 314, guaranteed not to rust or crack even against heavy blows.

Top product of ampulirovanija 3 layers, so it looks quite rich and respectable. Polishing caused a unique vacuum method, so he is not afraid of the washing machine under high pressure, contact with solvents or any other aggressive media.

Trim, trunk manufactured by Omsa company specifically for the VW Amarok tuning and is delivered by our company in any region of Russia or Ukraine.

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