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Car Amplifiers Digital Designs - it is a good find for fans not only loud, but the sound quality. Made in South Korea.

Powerful Digital Designs Amplifiers - a wide range of

  • A - Series - a favorite line of all users. The best quality - at a low cost;
  • C - series - the professional line for indulging SQ listeners;
  • SS - series - compact models with high capacity and efficiency;
  • The M - series - a huge selection of candy bars from 400 to 15,000 watts;
  • The Z - series - competitive series.

Product Features Digital Designs

  • Production in South Korea;

Only from the highest quality components and accessories. Each product, after production - tested at the factory in the United States.

  • Show the stated capacity;

We never put untruthful power for advertising purposes

  • Guarantee;

By purchasing our products you can be sure that you will not nuzhe obraschatsya service center. And if there are problems - we will always help you


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