Tuning and repair of trucks

Headlight DAF
Article: ddd3927
4.44/5 Votes: 9
59 USD
Headlight DAF XF 95 (96-02) 5...
Headlight DAF XF 95 (96-02) 505551 - left, 505550-right

tank avtonomki
Article: ddd3955
4.5/5 Votes: 6
20 USD
Tank avtonomki 10l....
Tank avtonomki 10l.

insert aktros
Article: ddd3998
4.71/5 Votes: 7
29 USD
mercedes Aktros,046105...
mercedes Aktros,046105

The fuel transfer pump
Article: ddd4003
4.17/5 Votes: 6
29 USD
The fuel transfer pump KARMOS(...
The fuel transfer pump KARMOS(TURKEY).

Fuel cap Mercedes
Article: ddd4005
4.8/5 Votes: 5
17 USD
Fuel cap(Mercedes,man,Renault,...
Fuel cap(Mercedes,man,Renault,DAF)

cable abs
Article: 05RF0203
4.25/5 Votes: 4
88 USD
electric cable(polyurethane), ...
electric cable(polyurethane), ABS,15-pin,24V,4,5 meter

wing mount
Article: 880399
4.36/5 Votes: 11
the bracket for the wing metal...
the bracket for the wing metal.

sign tir
Article: 34341003
4.75/5 Votes: 8
11 USD
table tyre foldable(metal)...
table tyre foldable(metal)

Pumping hose inside wheels
Article: 770016
4.55/5 Votes: 11
18 USD
The hose for pumping wheels (p...
The hose for pumping wheels (pumping hose inside wheels) are made from modern rubber, resistant to temperature fluctuations and wear. Has a length of 16 meters and equipped with ferrules.

Lights man ф2000
Article: ddd3928
4.14/5 Votes: 7
95 USD
Headlight MAN F2000 505567-le...
Headlight MAN F2000 505567-left,505566-right

tank avtonomki
Article: ddd3956
4.38/5 Votes: 8
28 USD
tank avtonomki 20 l...
tank avtonomki 20 l

Mudguards Kogel
Article: ddd3957
4.5/5 Votes: 10
12 USD
Size: (40*45),-t(2pcs), 559937...
Size: (40*45),-t(2pcs), 55993702

Insert mirror
Article: ddd4002
4.64/5 Votes: 11
29 USD
Insert mirror+heated (DAF) 001...
Insert mirror+heated (DAF) 001105

Looking for truck parts or you want to make the tuning of the truck? Linger a while in this section. You will find a wide range of products, the lowest prices, prompt delivery to any corner of Ukraine and Russia.

Tuning and spare parts for trucks: what we offer?

Here You can buy mirrors for trucks, fog lights and headlights for DAF, man, Mercedes, Volvo, Iveco and other cars. We also offer mudguards, lights, fuel pumps, accessories, cables, hoses and much more.

Our advantages

For anybody not a secret that the stores of spare parts for trucks now offer the widest product range in any direction. Their virtual shelves are literally bursting with the over-saturation of products, and the variety of brands may confuse even the experts. Despite this, I dare to say that our company offers a virtually unique spare parts for trucks - without them such an abundance of full can not be named.

And the secret of their uniqueness, simple - quality, reliability and durability just at a great price, below which You will not find in any online store tuning and spare parts.

(Our company is the only official representative of Turkish products in Ukraine and offers to buy custom wheels and other accessories retail at wholesale prices).

Shipping to EU

Wholesale and retail

Own warehouse

Buying on credit


  • Initial fee - 0%
  • Purchase amount - 50 000 UAH
  • No certificates of income - only a card of PrivatBank
  • Loan term up to 2 years.
  • No hidden fees.
  • An overpayment in a month, only 2.9% of the value of goods

How to buy a tuning and auto accessories on credit?

  • Choose a product, click "add to cart" (purchase amount must be not less than 500 UAH).
  • Place your order as usual (but choose the type of payment "Installment PrivatBank").
  • In the questionnaire PrivatBank, fill Your card number and other data
  • The Bank automatically gives You credit. If You did not work or was a failure, then type operator PrivatBank and they over the phone will enable You to function credit. And try again another rams

If the decision is positive, we ship the goods by the transport company "New Mail".

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