Equipment for coating DD1000XXLb painted metal Equipment

Article: dd15852
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Features Equipment for coating DD1000XXLb painted metal for Equipment

Date of shipment: 05.12.2022
Material: Black metal
Mounting type: According to the instructions
Package contents: Bath, accessories
Article: dd15852

Reviews Equipment for coating DD1000XXLb painted metal for Equipment

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Sergiu 21.09.2022 16.44
can i have a phone number i speak german, russian and romanian
Максим Радомський 21.09.2022 19.24
Yes, there is a telephone number (VATSAP) in the header of the site - there are Ukrainian-speaking managers there
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Huge size aquaprinting equipment, working range 250cm x 100cm (full 230cm x 100cm). Made of metal, painted

220 or 380 volts, 12KW

What is included in the bath kit:

  • Free shipping;
  • Bath (ten, temperature sensor, temperature controller - manual and automatic, automatic timer for notification of readiness, plumbing, coarse filter, fine filter, protection system, special pump, wiring);
  • Training (We will teach you the technology of water printing by any method available to you);
  • Delivery (by our transport or transport company to your city);
  • The most important thing is that you get from us dealer prices for products, which will allow you to earn more.

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