Pads on the bars wide (2002-2006, 6 pieces, stainless steel) Mercedes Sprinter 1995-2006

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Chrome trim on the radiator grille has been developed by OMA specifically for the Mercedes Sprinter is ideal for all curves the nominal design and does not interfere with the flow of air to the radiator.

Why you need trim on the grille?

  • gives the car an exclusive look, harmoniously combined with the overall style of the exterior of the body;
  • protects the radiator from the infiltration of stones, dirt, insects.

Competitive advantages of the product for tuning OMA

  • the product has dual Polish that endures all trouble "destiny": race temperature, moisture, UV radiation processing of detergents and other aggressive media, winter sand-salt mixture on the roads, etc.;
  • easy to assemble on its own;
  • durable and reliable (5 year warranty);
  • chrome package is resistant to chips and does not dim with age.


Cover plates consist of flat steel strips which are worn on top of the regular design. All parts for mounting included in the kit includes clear installation instructions. In addition, the installation of the accessory does not require any special skills and is, on average, 30 minutes.

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Features Pads on the bars wide (2002-2006, 6 pieces, stainless steel) Mercedes Sprinter 1995-2006

Date of shipment: 21.09.2020
Manufacturer: Carmos
Material: Stainless steel
Mounting type: Self-adhesive
Package contents:
Article: car5710
Category of product: Chrome trimLining on the grille

Reviews Pads on the bars wide (2002-2006, 6 pieces, stainless steel) Mercedes Sprinter 1995-2006

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