Edging of glass (2 pcs, stainless steel) Mercedes Vito W638 1996-2003

Article: car0364
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Features Edging of glass (2 pcs, stainless steel) for Mercedes Vito W638 1996-2003

Date of shipment: 04.10.2022
Manufacturer: Carmos
Country: Turkey
Material: Stainless steel
Mounting type: Self-adhesive
Package contents: 2 scotch pads
Article: car0364
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Reviews Edging of glass (2 pcs, stainless steel) for Mercedes Vito W638 1996-2003

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The outer edging of the glass serves several functions, namely:

  1. Aesthetic - Mercedes Vito W638 after the installation of such accessories will surely be look more interesting and I can even say, exclusive.
  2. Practical - lower molding does not allow moisture to penetrate under regular gum seal glass, and thus prevents its premature wear.

Features chrome edging glass from Carmos

  • 314 is made of steel and polished on special technology, therefore, has a deep luster;
  • mounted on the tape supplied with the high grip performance and moisture resistance;
  • does not tarnish by exposure to water, sun and corrosive substances (detergents, salts, etc.).

Edging glass for Mercedes Vito, which you can buy in our online store, has a five-year warranty from the manufacturer, which once again confirms the quality and durability of the product.

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