Scuff plates Laser-style (2-piece, steel) Mercedes Vito W638 1996-2003

Article: laz-009
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Features Scuff plates Laser-style (2-piece, steel) for Mercedes Vito W638 1996-2003

Date of shipment: 26.09.2022
Manufacturer: DDU
Country: Ukraine
Material: Stainless steel
Mounting type: Self-adhesive
Package contents: 2 pads on the tape
Article: laz-009
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Overall dimensions and weight of the box

Reviews Scuff plates Laser-style (2-piece, steel) for Mercedes Vito W638 1996-2003

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Every motorist is trying not only to protect your iron friend, but as something to embellish it. These two objectives can be achieved simply by installing the Mercedes Vito W638 lining for the inner thresholds.

Why you need a sill?

Chrome stainless steel accessories will not only give an elegant look to your car. They will be able to protect its most vulnerable from scratches, chips, varnish and other mechanical damage occurring as a result of regular landings/landings both driver and passengers. Besides do not forget about their ornamental value.


The installation of the products is carried out over the base of the rapids. Mounted chrome packages with duct tape on clean and degreased surface.

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