Sill Lazer-style (2 pieces, steel) Mercedes Sprinter 2006-2018

Article: laz-007
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Features Sill Lazer-style (2 pieces, steel) for Mercedes Sprinter 2006-2018

Date of shipment: 26.09.2022
Manufacturer: DDU
Country: Ukraine
Material: Stainless steel
Mounting type: Self-adhesive
Package contents: 2 pads on the tape
Article: laz-007
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Reviews Sill Lazer-style (2 pieces, steel) for Mercedes Sprinter 2006-2018

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Perfectly smooth door sills Mercedes Sprinter 906 - this is the accessory that gives the completeness of the external appearance of the car, while decorates the interior and exterior, and also performs the protective properties. Believe me, the money spent on the product pay for itself a hundredfold, because, as we have seen, it is not only beautiful and spectacular, but is a reliable protection from the occurrence of rapids in them corrosion processes.

Before you install the product, make sure that the location does not chips, scratches or rust. If such defects exist, then clean the place, prime with, and only then start for the hardware pads. They are installed on the 3M adhesive tape, so you can not worry about that for them during the operation hit the water or mud, provoke new corrosion processes.

Moreover, if you have a brand new vehicle, with no damage to the body, it is suggested to immediately buy a door sills, as well as other high-quality chrome-plated accessories, due to which the integrity and attractiveness of the LCP body be preserved for years to come.

And all this you can buy in our online store, even if you live in another country.


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