Strap on the rear bumper 906 Omsa Mercedes Sprinter

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Characteristics Strap on the rear bumper (Omsa, stainless steel.) For Mercedes Sprinter 2006-2018

departure date 03.04.2023
A country Turkey
Main color Chrome
vendor code 4724093
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Reviews Strap on the rear bumper (Omsa, stainless steel.) For Mercedes Sprinter 2006-2018

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Cover rear bumper Mercedes Sprinter looks neat, not catchy, but at the same time, the elegance and clarity of lines gives car owners a respectable man with a sense of taste and style.

Accessories made of Italian steel, which is the strength characteristics superior to most unique in this price range. This steel is not afraid of low and high temperatures, constant exposure to moisture and aggressive media. Therefore, products made of it can be operated in any climatic zone of the world and at any time of the year.

Accessory is attached to the 3M adhesive tape (included) or sealant. Yet suggested to install on a tape, as it provides a tight connection with the surface, it does not pass by the moisture and air.

And in conclusion I would like to mention about the practicality of such a product for tuning, as it does not wear away the surface of the bumper due to the fact that we often put her bags and other cargo, which went to a trunk. Well, if you`re interested in where to buy an accessory for tuning, we recommend adding it to your cart here and now, because it is unlikely you will be able to find the same quality of product somewhere cheaper.


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