Material vibration-damping self-adhesive bitumen Shumoff Mix

The material for vibration and noise insulation Shumoff Mix (27 cm by 37 cm) has a decent mechanical loss factor (0.40 units), therefore it effectively fights structure-borne noise and various vibrations that emanate from the car body. Consists of four layers:

  1. The first (adhesive) is a rubber-based mastic layer , thanks to which Shumoff adheres very tightly to the treated surface, leaving not the slightest chance for air and water to penetrate under the adhesive base. In addition, the mastic composition protects the car body from premature corrosion.
  2. The second is a bituminous layer, characterized by plasticity, elasticity. The bitumen is easily cut into pieces of the right size and is incredibly resistant to high and low temperatures.
  3. The third is a reinforcing layer for additional strength of the Shumoff Mix material. It does not allow bitumen to deform, crumble or crack under the influence of various external factors (for example, freezing temperatures), as well as in case of damage to one of the layers.
  4. The fourth is another bituminous layer .

The total thickness of the material is 3 mm, and on top it is covered with a film for ease of installation (does not allow the hands and the rolling roller to stick to the bitumen composition).

Competitive advantages of Shumoff Mix:

  • very flexible and can be easily cut with a construction knife or scissors;
  • with low weight, it has high efficiency and reliability;
  • mounted without using a heat gun (the only condition is that the ambient temperature must be at least 20 ° C);
  • installation of this type of sound insulation is possible even on those body elements that are exposed to strong vibrations, moisture or heat;
  • protects metal from corrosion;
  • for this material, the cleanliness of the surface does not matter (in any case, the mastic will adhere tightly to metal parts and will not leave voids);
  • Visomat Mix is an analogue of factory vibration isolation, which is installed at a temperature of -150 ° C. Only Mix is mounted without heating and is a self-adhesive material, so you do not need the help of specialists to apply it to the car.

Recommended treatment areas:

  • wheel arches;
  • bulkhead;
  • tunnel;
  • space under the panel;
  • trunk and passenger compartment floor.

It is recommended to stick the noise-insulating material Shumoff Mix on flat surfaces. And how to do this you can find out from our heading Do-it-yourself noise isolation .

Features Shumoff Mix-Standard - 3.4mm vibration isolation

Date of shipment: 12.05.2021
Manufacturer: Shumoff
Country: Russia
Material: Different materials
Mounting type: Self-adhesive
Package contents: 1 sheet.
Article: shmm

Reviews Shumoff Mix-Standard - 3.4mm vibration isolation

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