Measuring instruments for car audio

A device for measuring sound pressure USB BASS Meter (Datong-2)
Article: ubmD
296 USD
A device for measuring sound p...
A device for measuring sound pressure in the car. The unit "decibel". Used in competition car audio. Full analog device TermLab. Connects to the computer. Complete with all appliance software.

The sound pressure sensor USB BASS Meter (Pro Edition)
Article: UBMPE
481 USD
The kit which consists of a co...
The kit which consists of a connecting block and two sensors for measuring sound pressure (Datong-2). Thanks to this device, it is possible to measure the acoustic pressure simultaneously in two cars. Full software supplied with this device. Full and

NEXT LCD Portable spectrum analyzer
Article: G000016
356 USD
Portativny multifunctional dev...
Portativny multifunctional device for connecting sensors, the company SPL-Lab (microphones to measure frequency response, SPL sensors, etc.). Click read more to download the manual

The sound pressure sensor LCD BASS Meter
Article: lbm
415 USD
Portable device for measuring ...
Portable device for measuring sound pressure in the car. Can work with computer or without it. Sound pressure level is displayed on the portable display. The main use sensor - "Datong-2".

Metering sensor sound pressure WIRELESS BASS METER
Article: WBM
415 USD
New! A unique wireless device ...
New! A unique wireless device based on sensor "datcha-2" to measure the sound pressure in the car. Use at competitions or at home to measure the sound pressure level in the car. Information transfer takes place through

The microphone for measuring the frequency response of the USB RTA METER Pro Edition
Article: rta1
319 USD
High quality microphone + uniq...
High quality microphone + unique software for measuring the frequency response in the car. With the help of this device You will be able to configure your audio correctly. In addition, this tool will display all the "shoals" of your system, after which You will be able to fix them

Device volume audio SQL USB Noise Meter (Pro)
Article: usmLG
393 USD
A unique device with no analog...
A unique device with no analogs in the world. It is possible to measure average sound pressure at all frequencies (separated by intervals of frequencies). The device is the official device of the competition LoudGames.

Smart Monitor - protective-meter
Article: 54gh5
200 USD
The instrument for the protect...
The instrument for the protection of audio systems. Pokazivaet and controls the level of current and voltage.

Suitcase SPL-LAB
Article: case
50 USD
Special case for the equipment...
Special case for the equipment companies SPL-LAB. Made from high quality plastic of laser cutting. Very convenient for transport and storage of measuring equipment

Devices for measurement of sound pressure and frequency response of SPL-Lab - is the best available models in the market Audio /

Sound pressure sensor

One of the most popular devices is available USB Bass Meter people say "Datcheg-2". We can say that this is not just a sensor, and a system, thanks to which (using a laptop), you can measure the sound pressure in the vehicle. This will help you set up the system correctly and accurately. Having your own device repeatedly uvilichit your chances in the competition for mobile media. The accuracy of the device is 100% the same as the official NASA apparatus - Termlab. Izmireny range from 110 to 180 dB when 15-80GTS

Portable device for measurement of sound pressure

Very easy to use device. Description of characteristics - similar Sensor 2. The main advantage of this device is that you do not need to have a laptop. The device is completely self-contained, battery operated or battery. It is convenient to carry in the competition, to carry out measurements in no garage. Included lace sensor and digital display unit, to derive results. Dimensions 20cm x 4cm x 6cm. Weight - 250 grams

The microphone for the measurement of the frequency response

High-precision microphone, complete with software and lace. Allows accurately analyze and adjust your audio system, not only in the car but also in the room. Thanks to this performance is very popular among installers audio. The parameters you can read in the description of the microphone on our website


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