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Devices for measurement of sound pressure and frequency response of SPL-Lab - is the best available models in the market Audio /

Sound pressure sensor

One of the most popular devices is available USB Bass Meter people say "Datcheg-2". We can say that this is not just a sensor, and a system, thanks to which (using a laptop), you can measure the sound pressure in the vehicle. This will help you set up the system correctly and accurately. Having your own device repeatedly uvilichit your chances in the competition for mobile media. The accuracy of the device is 100% the same as the official NASA apparatus - Termlab. Izmireny range from 110 to 180 dB when 15-80GTS

Portable device for measurement of sound pressure

Very easy to use device. Description of characteristics - similar Sensor 2. The main advantage of this device is that you do not need to have a laptop. The device is completely self-contained, battery operated or battery. It is convenient to carry in the competition, to carry out measurements in no garage. Included lace sensor and digital display unit, to derive results. Dimensions 20cm x 4cm x 6cm. Weight - 250 grams

The microphone for the measurement of the frequency response

High-precision microphone, complete with software and lace. Allows accurately analyze and adjust your audio system, not only in the car but also in the room. Thanks to this performance is very popular among installers audio. The parameters you can read in the description of the microphone on our website


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