Sill (2 pcs, stainless steel.) Fiat Marea 1999↗

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Features Sill (2 pcs, stainless steel.) for Fiat Marea 1999↗

Date of shipment: 30.11.2022
Manufacturer: Carmos
Country: Turkey
Article: dddd705
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Reviews Sill (2 pcs, stainless steel.) for Fiat Marea 1999↗

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Sill Fiat Marea serve as the final point in the interior tyunenge. Their popularity is justified by many indisputable facts, which are considered in more detail. Includes 2 Nut (on the right and left door). Mounted on two-sided adhesive tape. On the threshold of an inscription Marea. Made of stainless steel. become.

So, what are the pros door sills Fiat Marea?

  • This accessory safeguard vulnerable thresholds from moisture, road dust, dirt.
  • Protective and barrier function extends the operational period of the metal, because prevents the formation of corrosive damage.
  • Ideal in size.
  • No pretentiousness care.
  • Ideal fit into the overall plan of the cabin interior.
  • Easy and reliable mounting on the tape, which is provided with two adhesive surfaces.

They are made of chemically inert, proven, durable stainless steel materials. They aimed for a long and active use.
Sill Fiat Marea easy to order, quickly, and may pay in any convenient way. Considered and wholesale shipments with a curiously low prices.


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