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the Concern CIXTAI was founded in Taipei in 1991 and until today successfully manufactures the most popular car accessories. We are direct manufacturers and reliable suppliers of quality accessories for domestic and foreign auto industry. The group includes the company GBT (autobusy)  the company Xincai (side steps) and several other companies.

production Capacity

advanced equipment and robotics works with high precision, which allows to eliminate defects in production. The work equipment is carefully monitored by professional masters, who control the production process.

the Total production area is more than 20 thousand m². The technological equipment is placed in a closed room, which occupies almost a third of total production. Production facilities located in the industrial area of Cercany, where most are all the factories of the country.

the head office of the distribution are separate from the production facilities. Be it in Taipei, and thanks to a convenient traffic interchange is available for each client. Contact numbers are always connected and, if necessary, dealers and consumers can always obtain the necessary information.

the production uses only high quality raw materials. Our manufactured grid vspleskov reliable chrome steel and accessories made of aluminium and its alloys are not only sturdy, but as light as possible. All products before selling is carefully checked to exclude the ingress of a marriage of production to the market

Export accessories

the Company successfully works in the domestic and foreign markets. While in the country of production is no more than 3% of the goods, and the remaining 97% of production is exported to various countries.

Many accessories are exported to developed European countries, such as Belgium, France and Poland. Not less volume of exports in African countries and the middle East. A good demand in the post-Soviet countries such as Russia and Ukraine.

the Diversity of exported goods is large enough. Chrome front guards of the car, aluminum trunk lids, and fabricated crankcase body for different cars, running boards and much more comes in the required amount. Production capacity can fully meet the needs of the consumer.

Our accessories look great both on powerful SUVs and vans and ordinary passenger cars. In addition to the elegant appearance, they differ and their quality and can reliably protect road users and their equipment.

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