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CCX 8.0 Digital Designs Coaxial speakers with horn tweeters
Article: G000012
453 USD
Speaker DD VO-CCX8 is a unique...
Speaker DD VO-CCX8 is a unique development of DDAudio. Variety coaxial speaker which consists of directly 20 cm woofer and driver (tweeter) which is screwed into the back of the magnet of the woofer and plays through his dome. To connect such a system together or separately. This system provides a frequency range from 100Hz to 20000Hz. Rated power of this speaker is 250W 550W peak and all. Sounds like this speaker is very clean and the tone is precise and the two head replays all of its competitors. Dynamics are marked Marine Grade, that is, they are not afraid of moisture and can be used both in cars and on boats, motorcycles, home exterior systems. The company the manufacturer offers to them the same housing in the form of bullets in a black and white version.

Connector to ALPINE CDE 7854R - ISO
Article: 17851
CDE-7854R, CDE-7854RM, CDE-785...
CDE-7854R, CDE-7854RM, CDE-7855RB, CDE-7857RB, CDE-228, CDE-7820, CDE-7853R, CDE-7860R, CDE-9801R, CDE-9802RB, CDM-7838R, CDM-7856RB, CDM-7858RB, CDM-7859RB, CDA-9815RB, CDA-9813R, CDA-9812R, CDA-9812RR, CDA-9812RB, CDA-9811R CDA-7990R, CDA-7944R, CDA-78, CDA-7894RB CDA-7893R, CDA-7878R, CDA-7876RB, CDA-7875RB, CDA-7873R, CDA-7865R, CDA-7852R, CDA-7850R, CDA-7842R, etc.

A device for measuring sound pressure USB BASS Meter (Datong-2)
Article: ubmD
216 USD
A device for measuring sound p...
A device for measuring sound pressure in the car. The unit "decibel". Used in competition car audio. Full analog device TermLab. Connects to the computer. Complete with all appliance software.

Phonics Digital Designs CS5.2
Article: DD-CS6.5_2
204 USD
Resistance 4.0 Ohm Impedance 3...
Resistance 4.0 Ohm Impedance 3.1 Ohm Model CS5.2 Diameter woofer 5.25" Diameter voice coil 1.5" magnet Weight 16 oz RMS/Music/Peak 50/100/200 frequency Range 50 Hz - 22 kHz Sensitivity 91 dB

Mikrosabvufer Digital Designs W6.5
Article: G000035
250 USD
Car subwoofer Digital Designs ...
Car subwoofer Digital Designs W6.5 - a mini sub is for fans of powerful acoustics, sound depth and dynamics of the attack. It refers to the premium segment. Manual assembly. It can be used alone as the front speaker.

Components Digital Designs CS6.5
Article: DD-CS6.5_1
212 USD
Resistance 4.0 Ohm Impedance 3...
Resistance 4.0 Ohm Impedance 3.1 Ohm Model C6.5 woofer Diameter 6.5" voice coil Diameter 1.5" magnet Weight 16 oz RMS/Music/Peak 80/120/240 frequency Range 50 Hz - 22 kHz Sensitivity 91 dB

Connector to JVC KD-LX 3R ISO
Article: 19031
KD-LX 3R KD LX 10R, KD-LX 30R,...
KD-LX 3R KD LX 10R, KD-LX 30R, KD-LX 33R, KD-50R LX, KD-SH 77R, KD-SH 77RB, KD-SH 99RB, KD-RX 30, KD-2800R MX, KD MX 2900R, KD MX 3000R KD-MX 3000RB.

GPS Antenna - FAKRA 90 °
Article: 40629
39 USD
5-meter cable, FAKRA connector...
5-meter cable, FAKRA connector 90 °, suitable for installation inside and outside the car

Components two-way Digital Designs BC6.5
Article: DD-CS6.5
393 USD
Component two-lane acoustics D...
Component two-lane acoustics DD is a new level of quality and sound from the famous American brand. As usual acoustics Digital Designs are perfectly balanced, sounds nice, soft and sure tone. Components BC 6.5 is the latest line of two-way systems DD, followed by all known components of AW. They are suitable for those who want to get a really quality sound. go to a new level of sound in your car and feel like higher quality and more powerful panely sound. Features play from 50W to 200W, which can be used with an amplifier with a nominal value of 50 to 200W per channel. is its advantages. Silk tweeter in a black body makes the treble is soft, pleasant and detailed.High-temperature voice coil diameter 30mm, NeoMagic, vented rear volume. Beamingly crossover in a stylish black metal case in picking TOP-grade - Mylar capacitors segmented coreless coil, protecting the tweeter, level adjustment for the tweeter. The possibility of per-channel connection through the crossover. Frequency response from 40Hz to 25kHz. The Resistance Is 4 Ohms.

Minisabvufer DD SW6.5
Article: G000036
438 USD
6.5 "(16 cm) voice co...
6.5 "(16 cm) voice coil 1.5" Magnet weight 44oz, rated power of 250 watts, 500 watts maximum power, nominal resistance 1x4om or 2x4 ohms

Connector to KENWOOD DNX - ISO 2009->
Article: 10031
21 USD
DNX5220, DNX7240BT, DNX8220BT,...
DNX5220, DNX7240BT, DNX8220BT, DNX5240, DNX5260BT, DNX7260BT, DNX9240BT, DNX9260BT, KVT524DVD, KVT526DVD, DDX5026, DDX8024BT, DDX8026BTY

Article: 40631
40 USD
5-meter cable, connect the HRS...
5-meter cable, connect the HRS (AVIC), suitable for mounting inside and outside of the car

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