Car Audio

Connector to ALPINE CDE 7854R - ISO
Article: 17851
4.5/5 Votes: 8
CDE-7854R, CDE-7854RM, CDE-785...
CDE-7854R, CDE-7854RM, CDE-7855RB, CDE-7857RB, CDE-228, CDE-7820, CDE-7853R, CDE-7860R, CDE-9801R, CDE-9802RB, CDM-7838R, CDM-7856RB, CDM-7858RB, CDM-7859RB, CDA-9815RB, CDA-9813R, CDA-9812R, CDA-9812RR, CDA-9812RB, CDA-9811R CDA-7990R, CDA-7944R, CDA-78, CDA-7894RB CDA-7893R, CDA-7878R, CDA-7876RB, CDA-7875RB, CDA-7873R, CDA-7865R, CDA-7852R, CDA-7850R, CDA-7842R, etc.

Article: 50252
4.7/5 Votes: 10
17 USD
DIN power connector (plug) for...
DIN power connector (plug) for connection of the radio in the car brands Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW with Quadlock connector, as well as the antenna

A device for measuring sound pressure USB BASS Meter (Datong-2)
Article: ubmD
4.5/5 Votes: 10
180 USD
A device for measuring sound p...
A device for measuring sound pressure in the car. The unit decibel. Used in competition car audio. Full analog device TermLab. Connects to the computer. Complete with all appliance software.

Article: Acura63376
4.5/5 Votes: 8
61 USD
Рамка для ACURA CL 1997-99; In...
Рамка для ACURA CL 1997-99; Integrating 1990-01; Legend 1990-96; TL 1996-98; Vigor 1992-94; HONDA Accord 1990-02; Civic 1999-00; CRV 1978-01; Odessey 1995-04; Prelude 1992-01; ISUZU Oasis 1996-99.

The microphone for measuring the frequency response of the USB RTA METER Pro Edition
Article: rta1
4.33/5 Votes: 6
181 USD
High quality microphone + uniq...
High quality microphone + unique software for measuring the frequency response in the car. With the help of this device You will be able to configure your audio correctly. In addition, this tool will display all the shoals of your system, after which You will be able to fix them

Connector to CHRYSLER > 2007 - ISO
Article: 50531
4.3/5 Votes: 10
Chrysler: 300 2008-> ...
Chrysler: 300 2008-> (Grand) Voyager 2008-> Sebring 2007-> Town & Country 2007-> Dodge: Avanger 2008-> Caravan 2008-> Nitro 2008-> Journey 2008-> Jeep: Wrangler (Unlimited) 2007->

Metering sensor sound pressure WIRELESS BASS METER
Article: WBM
4.5/5 Votes: 4
240 USD
New! A unique wireless device ...
New! A unique wireless device based on sensor datcha-2 to measure the sound pressure in the car. Use at competitions or at home to measure the sound pressure level in the car. Information transfer takes place through

Frame for Alfa Romeo 147 grey
Article: ddd4915
4.5/5 Votes: 6
10 USD
Frame for Alfa Romeo 147 12/20...
Frame for Alfa Romeo 147 12/2000+ Alfa GT 01/2005+. Color:silver.

Connector to JVC KD-LX 3R ISO
Article: 19031
4.67/5 Votes: 6
KD-LX 3R KD LX 10R, KD-LX 30R,...
KD-LX 3R KD LX 10R, KD-LX 30R, KD-LX 33R, KD-50R LX, KD-SH 77R, KD-SH 77RB, KD-SH 99RB, KD-RX 30, KD-2800R MX, KD MX 2900R, KD MX 3000R KD-MX 3000RB.

GPS Antenna - FAKRA 90 °
Article: 40629
4.5/5 Votes: 4
31 USD
5-meter cable, FAKRA connector...
5-meter cable, FAKRA connector 90 °, suitable for installation inside and outside the car

Connector to CHRYSLER > 2001 - ISO
Article: 50331
4.25/5 Votes: 4
Chrysler: 300 M 02-> ...
Chrysler: 300 M 02-> Cherokee 02-> Grand Cherokee 02-> Grand Voyager RG 02-> Neon PL 02-> PT Cruiser (PG) 09/01-> Voyager (RG) 02-> Wrangler 01/03-> Jeep: Cherokee 02-> Grand Cherokee 02-> Wrangler 01/03->

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