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SPL car audio competitions are gaining momentum and are developing well in our country. Ultimate Audio acoustics show themselves well in such competitions, and their owners become champions of our country. What products does the company manufacture?

The company`s trump card is the Ultimate Audio subwoofers!

JSW is the junior line of the company. It is successfully used by many car audio enthusiasts. In its price segment it has a decent power - 10 "models 800 watts, and 12" 1000 watts) and high sound quality. The material of the cone is not pressed paper. Copper voice coil with a diameter of 2.5 ". High" feel "- for 10" - 92db, for 12 "- 93db. Basket - cast

QSW is one of the loudest lines of the company. It is successfully used in competitions and in loud "everyday". Very high rated power - 1500 watts. Low impedance - 2 coils of 1 ohm - this is what your amp needs to get the most out of it. 3 `` coil wound with flat aluminum wire. The diffuser is made of non-pressed cellulose - lightweight and durable, and in combination with a cast basket - make this model a leader in its price range

XSW is the extreme Ultimate Audio series. One of the most common subwoofers in car audio competitions. It has a unique power of 2500 watts. 3 "coil wound with flat aluminum wire. Want to be the loudest? Then this is for you.

Ultimate Audio - new SPL acoustics on the market of our country

XCW - acoustics are presented in two standard sizes 165mm and 200mm. Very high quality workmanship, stamped steel basket, spring clips. Unique rated power - 150 watts. A metal phase-leveling bullet is installed in the middle. Due to the "low travel" suspension, the acoustics has a very high "feel". If you have an attractive demo car or you like very loud sound - then the XCW series is for you.

In addition, the range includes powerful XCT SPL horn horns. An irreplaceable thing - in building loud cars

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