Covers for handles (2 pcs., Stainless steel.) Audi TT 1999-2015

Article: car2770uz
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Features Covers for handles (2 pcs., Stainless steel.) for Audi TT 1999-2015

Date of shipment: 04.07.2022
Manufacturer: Carmos
Country: Turkey
Material: Stainless steel
Mounting type: Self-adhesive
Article: car2770uz
Category of product: Chrome trimPads on handles

Reviews Covers for handles (2 pcs., Stainless steel.) for Audi TT 1999-2015

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Various chrome packages for tuning cars have long been popular among the true motorists. Although some drivers, on the contrary, do not understand why they are needed. Therefore, we try to explain it a little.

Why trim on door handles?

First and foremost, of course, to decorate the exterior of the car - to your AUDI TT stood out on the road to other vehicles and attracted admiring glances.

Second, to protect. Chrome lining on the handle can protect native machine parts from mechanical damage and adverse environmental conditions.

These tuning elements, of course not replace the door handles, but simply attached on top of them. They are made ​​of steel that will never rust, and on top of them to apply several layers of chromium by special technology, which provides an incredible depth of shine. Installation is carried out using a 2-sided adhesive tape supplied.

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(Includes 2 covers OMSA (Omsa), which are mounted on the front doors)


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