Audi A4 Lower glass moldings (6 pcs., steel), 2004-2007

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Characteristics Lower glass moldings (6 pcs., stainless steel) For Audi A4 B7 2004-2008

departure date 27.03.2023
Manufacturer Carmos
A country Turkey
Material Stainless steel
type of instalation Self-adhesive
Equipment 6 overlays
Main color Chrome
vendor code erb1103141

Reviews Lower glass moldings (6 pcs., stainless steel) For Audi A4 B7 2004-2008

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Additional glass edging, located between the glass and the body, is called a molding. It performs both practical work - it serves as a drain, and can be an element of decor.

How to decorate your car?

Do you want more attention to be paid to your "iron friend"? Then install chrome glass moldings made of stainless steel. Made from high quality materials, these parts will serve you for many years and will become an indispensable element of your car's exterior.

Note that you can install them yourself, in this case the help of specialists is not at all necessary. They are attached to the American double-sided tape, which is already pasted on one side of the product. The surface must first be cleaned with any alcohol-containing composition, and the step-by-step installation instructions are indicated directly on the package.

Here you can buy glass moldings for Audi (Audi) A4 at a very attractive price. And the low cost is explained very simply - our company Digital Designs is the only official distributor in Ukraine of chrome tuning packages for Omsa and Carmos brands.

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