AUDI A3 sill inner (2 pcs., Steel), the compartment

Article: ddd3545
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Characteristics Sill inner (2 pcs., Steel), the compartment For Audi A3 2004-2012

departure date 24.03.2023
Manufacturer Omsa Line
A country Turkey
Material Stainless steel
type of instalation Self-adhesive
vendor code ddd3545

Reviews Sill inner (2 pcs., Steel), the compartment For Audi A3 2004-2012

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The sill plates for the AUDI A3 is a repeat of the topography and geometric features of the regular accessories of the vehicle.

Their main purpose - protection of the paint from impact and mechanical damage, which are often applied to women's heels. And even a tiny scratch can cause irreparable damage to the paint, lacquer and lead to corrosion.

Attachment of accessories is carried out on double-sided tape supplied. The method and sequence of installation are indicated on the package, and the installation process will not take more than an hour. All you need to do is to remove the regular cover threshold (if possible of course), degrease the surface by any means of alcohol (vodka) and stick a new chrome packages.

Buy door sills for AUDI (Audi) A3 you can no pre-payment. Products are made of steel which does not corrode and has a high chromium content for depth of Shine.

More details about the quality of steel provided guarantees and installation methods you can read in the section: door sills

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