Sill OmsLine (stainless) Alfa Romeo 147 2000-2010

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Features Sill OmsLine (stainless) for Alfa Romeo 147 2000-2010

Date of shipment: 09.12.2022
Material: Stainless steel
Mounting type: Self-adhesive
Article: 0101091
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Reviews Sill OmsLine (stainless) for Alfa Romeo 147 2000-2010

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Today, the market is in abundance of accessories for styling Chinese and Korean manufacturers. And it is clear... The price of such products is quite low, and therefore affordable to the majority. But the quality and durability to say in this case is not necessary. We also offer you to buy door sills for ALFA ROMEO (Alfa Romeo) 147 at a very low price. But their main difference from analogs - they are produced by a world-renowned company Pierre Cardin, whose products are all over the world associated with top quality.

The kit includes 4 chrome lining made from Italian stainless steel. Unlike their counterparts, they have higher strength. In addition they are more durable and absolutely not be afraid of scuffs and scratches that can easily be removed from the product by using polishing. They are not afraid of numerous sinks and they are in exactly the same shape as the door sills of the car

Buy door sills for cars ALFA ROMEO 147 - then highlight it on the road and infuse it with personality. Products are attached with double-sided tape, which is also included in the package, and means for mounting them you don't have to involve outside experts and to spend their money.

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