Akvapechat equipment

Bath akvaprint DD100a plastic
Article: ddd3082
4.67/5 Votes: 9
138 USD
Bath akvaprint - the most popu...
Bath akvaprint - the most popular equipment for those who like to change the design of mobile phones.Size - 250 x 250 mm.

Bath for coating DD500a stainless steel
Article: ddd3083
4.43/5 Votes: 7
1190 USD
Bath for coating a novice tune...
Bath for coating a novice tuner cars. Can be used for applying decor on the mirrors and the car handles, and other items of small size. Full size equipment 125*60 cm Made of stainless steel. 220 or 380 volts, 6 KW

Equipment for immersion printing DD600a stainless steel
Article: ddd3084
4.5/5 Votes: 10
1540 USD
Standard equipment for water t...
Standard equipment for water transfer printing. Used for interior tuning cars, and also for tuning radiator grilles, mirrors, handles and other details. Full bath size 170*60 cm Made of stainless steel. 220 or 380 volts, 6 KW

Akvaprint equipment DD800
Article: ddd3085
5/5 Votes: 7
1750 USD
Akvaprint the equipment, which...
Akvaprint the equipment, which you can do the salon and even to decorate the rims. The most popular equipment among our customers. Full size 170*90 cm Made of stainless steel. 220 or 380 volts, 8KW

Equipment for coating DD900XL stainless steel
Article: ddd3086
4.7/5 Votes: 10
2310 USD
One of the biggest baths for c...
One of the biggest baths for coating. Allows you to tune any tyomnoy details of the car. Additionally, you can use this bath can be done on furniture, kitchens and other parts. Full size bath 200cm to 90cm. Made of stainless steel. 220 or 380 volts, 10KW

Equipment for akvaprint technology DD1000XXL stainless steel
Article: ddd3087
4.33/5 Votes: 9
2450 USD
Top of the range baths from th...
Top of the range baths from the DD. Has the largest size and greatest equipment. For this bath you caused to do akvaprint any thing that interests you. Full size bath 100cm to 250cm. Made of stainless steel. 220 or 380 volts, power: 12KW

The catalogue of films our range of equipment
Article: ddd5946
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140 USD
The catalogue has around 175 k...
The catalogue has around 175 kinds of films - which we have in stock!

The control unit of coating bath (delivery in all countries)
Article: ddd7493
4/5 Votes: 4
329 USD
If you have the opportunity to...
If you have the opportunity to do the bath yourself. We offer You the electronic control unit! We do delivery to all countries (shipping cost $ 50.e.). In addition, we'll show you how to make a bath and send all the drawings

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Made of stainless steel, as well as more economical version of the thick-walled black metal!

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