Do you want to make your car original, stylish and always stand out in the traffic among other cars?

Then you will be very interested in what Aquaprint (Aquaprinting) technology is, materials for which you can order in our Digital Designs online store.

What is Aquaprint?

Aquaprint (aquaprint, Aqua Print, 3D decoration, Imeris) is an innovative technology that allows you to decorate surfaces of any textures and shapes with any images . The print can be applied to wood, plastic, glass, metal, ceramics and many other surfaces.

Also technology "Waterprinting" can be used for cosmetic repairs of damaged surfaces (to restore burnt, cracked and scratched surfaces).

Aquaprint: scope

  • Creation of a unique tuning, interior and exterior of a car, bus, motorcycle, yacht, boat. If you cannot financially afford such decor for your car, then you can try your luck in our monthly PROMOTION and get Aquaprint as a GIFT
  • Decoration of cases for laptops, office equipment, mobile phones, electrical appliances, video and audio equipment, sockets and switches.
  • In interior design of private houses, apartments and offices. Furniture facades, glass doors, tiles and other elements of the interior decoration, covered with a special film, look not only original, but also very expensive.

When ordering a service in our salon, you will get the opportunity to decorate your mobile phone absolutely free of charge. At the same time, you yourself will choose the color and the most attractive film for yourself.

You can also buy hydrographic equipment and open your own tuning workshop. We, in turn, will help you choose the most cost-effective type of equipment, the most popular films (we have more than 1000 types) and teach AQUAPRINT technology.

Aqua Seal: manufacturing technology

  1. Preparing details. Regardless of which product you decide to decorate, it is first primed and covered with a thin layer of enamel of a certain color. We wrote about this in more detail in the DIY Watercolor Printing: Surface Preparation section.
  2. Film preparation. The film you choose is placed in water of a certain temperature and hardness.
  3. Activation. After that, a special activator is applied to the decorative coating using an airbrush, softening the film to a liquid state. As a result, a "floating" pattern appears on the surface of the water for a fraction of a second.
  4. Transferring a pattern. Now comes the most crucial moment - the product fixed above the container must be immersed in water at the right angle and at a certain speed. This will allow you to transfer the image from the water to the surface of the machine part, to the phone, etc.
  5. Washing, drying and fixing. Everything, after that, the product must be thoroughly washed, dried and to give it strength, durability and decorative properties - varnished, dried again in a special chamber and polished.

The process of transferring a pattern to a product is described in detail in the section Film for hydrographic printing: transferring to a detail. (see top of page).

Advantages of aquaprint technology

  • Durability.

The hydrographic film applied to the elements of the car is able to withstand any external influences. She is not afraid of high humidity and dry air, she is not afraid of either low winter (up to -80°С) or high summer (+80°С) temperatures. It will not fade in the sun, will not fade with intensive use of the part (for example, on the steering wheel). It can be washed with aggressive alkaline products, solvents and other chemicals.

  • Incredible decoration possibilities.

The final appearance of the item to be decorated is determined by the substrate - a layer of enamel that is applied under the hydrographic film. And by changing the base, you can get more than 1000 different decor variations with the help of one type of coating. And if you apply not a standard glossy varnish, but a matte or tactile protective coating, you can also get different textures. For more information about how the base enamel can affect the final look of the product, you can read in the section Hydrographic film: learning to choose.

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To order the Aquaprint (Aquaprint) service, you should remove the necessary details and send them to us. In 2-3 days we will send you back the finished products!

For more detailed and accurate information, as well as to sign up for the provision of the service, contact the company's employees at the numbers indicated in the header of the site.

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