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Aquaprint activator 1l
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Activator for water transfer printing (coating) from our company is a unique formula and exclusively high quality components for German and Dutch production. We have exclusive rights to sell and guarantee efficiency and effectiveness of this product has no analogues.

Activator for water transfer printing: features

What is an advantage of our activator, which comes from Europe, over the Russian:

  • Suitable for all kinds of decorative aquaplanet (all manufacturers).
  • Does not contain harmful isophoron and healthy (you can work without protective masks).
  • Is applied on the film for 10 seconds, after which you can submerge the item.
  • Has a very mild effect, not has a destructive effect on the decorated surface.

3 reasons to buy the activator for the coating:

We supply activator of Belgium officially on this, we offer:

  1. The lowest price in the CIS.
  2. Quality guaranteed (tested by thousands of our regular customers).
  3. The minimum flow rate (1 liter of the composition is enough for 20-35 meters aquaplane).

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