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Date of shipment: 26.09.2022
Manufacturer: Digital Designs
Country: USA
Article: dd2510a

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American subwoofer manual Assembly. High level control and bass. Subwoofers that are made to make them audible not only in cars, but also on the street. They used the best components and long-term development of the company DDAudio. For the subwoofers, DD, Craig Butler held the world record in sound pressure for 7 years. Subwoofers Digital Designs is a work of art.

Series 2500 is the second line of American hand-built subwoofers. This is the perfect solution for medium power daily audio systems. It is equipped with mnogosloinoi development, especially soaked difuzor, high temperature resistant vented coil 2.5 inches. The capacity of this series is a nominal 400-800W and 3200w max. This series is equipped with coils with resistance 2 at 2 ohms and 2 at 4 Ohm.

Like all American line subwoofers, the company offers modernization DD elements. Carbon difuzori and hoods of different colors, coils with different resistance copper or aluminum, increase horsepower and performance subwoofer (option SC - Super Charge), utiline or relief of the suspension. With this option, you can order the subwoofer that is right for You on all your options.

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